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Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose, Vanilla, Agarwood(Oud), Violet, Benzoin

R250.00 incl VAT

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9 reviews for OUD AND VANILLA

  1. Vhonani

    The best perfume ever, n happy to find a great service at galomanor mall. I will come back again for the same perfume I felt I love with it,

  2. Mlungisi Nzama

    Best perfume 💛 oud and vanilla

  3. Trudy

    Damn! I love this perfume…when I’m wearing it people be complimenting how good smelling I am🥺 it’s my fighter this one.

  4. Kgotso

    I still have a tester I got from the Morning Glen in my wallet and it still smells magnifiko and it’s about 4 months later, Pity it’s always out of stock. Oud & Vanilla Thee Best Exclusive Perfume ever By Motala Perfumes 👌🔥

  5. Lucky

    Best of the best but out of stock since July 💔

  6. Debbie Kgaladi

  7. Bryan Sphiwe

    I sprayed 3 on the neck 3 hours ago and after washing it with soap I still smell it. Beast mode performer this fragrances.The potency is same level as the Fragrance World Brown Orchid Oud Edition.

  8. Vuyo

    Best cologne ever I’m a fan of perfume but this one it’s the best!!!

  9. Sphiwo

    😂😂 I can bet this perfume can fight anything in this world just name the price and let’s bet

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