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Top Notes: Pineapple, Bergamot, Black Currant, Apple
Middle Notes: Birch, Patchouli, Moroccan Jasmine, Rose
Base Notes: Musk, Oak Moss, Ambergris, Vanille

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Monarch is a Chypre Fruity Fragrance for men. It starts off as a sweet, seductive scent with a beautiful vibrant fruity opening and dries down to a musky, leather, woody/earthy scent. Black current is a light, fruity, woody note with a slightly animalic edge.With the clean, sweet, invigorating and imminty scent of Birch. As the strong, sweet scent that falls in the musky – earthy category it is extremely captivating.The scent of jasmine is incredibly sensual, it could be described as exotic and intense.Oakmoss has a strong, earthy- mossy aroma. It imparts a scent that is very true to nature, with a dry and earthy qualities, and a leatherlike undertone. Ambergris adds a sweet earthy aroma to the frangrance. With vanilla contributing a warm, comforting, yet also slightly exotic scent. The floral scent of rose is soft subtle and sweet, a delightful light scent.The fragrance has a unique summer spring scent that uplifts the senses with the freshness of pineapple and bergamot, it has a sunny, sweet aroma with notes of tartness and acidity. The quality and combination are truly a ‘once in a lifetime’ blend.

2 reviews for MONARCH

  1. Mthobisii

    Please let me know when the cologne it’s available again.

  2. Ntsika

    When will it be available again please , this is perfect

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