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Each persons body chemistry reacts differently to fragrance notes and scents. Something that might smell sweet on your skin might smell bitter on someone else. Another factor that might affect how a fragrance smells on you, could be your diet or certain medication. 

Parfum oil concentration is 20 – 40%, Eau De Parfum oil concentration is 15-20%,  Eau De Toilette oil concentration is 5-15% and Eau De cologne  oil concentration is 2-5%.

We recommend you change your fragrance, for example if the weather is cooler, a warmer fragrance is more suitable such as woody, oriental and oud scents. Where as if the weather is hotter you can wear fresh, aquatic and citrus scents depending on your taste and preferences, the same goes for what you wear during these seasons.

We believe that fragrances can’t be one hundred percent feminine or masculine it comes down to a persons personal preference but of course the lighter & more white florals & sweet scents are said to be more feminine and the oriental, woody and zesty fresh are assumed to be masculine. But in the fragrance world it comes down to what you want to wear.

The best places to spray your perfume is on your shoulder, neck and wrists. We recommend you spray on your clothing instead of skin as every individuals skin chemistry reacts differently to each scent. The fragrance lasts longer on fabric than it does  on skin. One must avoid directly spraying darker fragrances on light or white clothing.

If you have been using the same fragrance for a long time, your olfactory scents become used to the scent and it tends to block it out. We recommend you find another scent you like and alternate. 

Another reason your fragrance might not last could be dry skin, we recommend you use a body cream that compliments your scent to brighten the fragrance.

Have luxury fresheners differ from fragrances in a big way. A scent you would like to smell in your home, a spa or a salon is not the scent and attraction you’re looking for or want when you use a fragrance.

A fragrance is a scent that attracts, it is sensual, beautiful and appealing, a feeling you do not get a home scent.

Perfumes should always be stored in a cool dry place to ensure that the chemical composition remains the same in the bottle, if it is exposed to heat or sunlight the composition changes. Avoid keeping it in the car.

One should not change a signature scent purely based on people’s preferences. 

Alternatively, you could try a different scent that you like and are comfortable with. Changing it up a little is always a great idea.

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