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Notes: Agarwood, Brazilian Rosewood, Sandal Wood, Cardamom, Vanilla, Sichuan Pepper, Vetiver, Tonka Bean, Amber

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Woody Oud is a Amber Woody Fragrance for men and women. It is a very versatile and alluring fragrance. The woody smell is most prominent with oud being in the background. You get a very smooth, soft woody scent with the slightest edge of earthiness. The cardamom and vanilla are suttle and compliment the woods, including the very airy and slightly floral oud. Smells of rosewood mixed with Sichuan pepper are very fierce to surround directly with a wonderful warmth that you feel directly. The heart of the fragrance is a smoky mixture of rare oud wood, sandalwood, vetiver and Tonka bean in addition to vanilla and amber


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