Top Notes: Oregano, Pepper, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Incense, Opoponax, Amber, Labdanum
Base Notes: Leather, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli

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Inspired By : Interlude Amouge 

OUD AND PEPPER Complex, chaotic, dense, smoky, sweet OUD AND PEPPER is a plunge into the depth of a heavy, dark, smoldering fog that subtly embraces and envelopes its wearer. While it starts sharp and pointed, it quickly settles down into something calmer. It definitely has an ashy quality, but it smells like only the finest combustibles (woods, herbs, vanilla pods)were burned gently and slowly and leaving no harsh edges or disintegrated notes. It has delicate green nuances (oregano bergamot) which likely account for most of the initial sharpness, but it saves this from being cloying. This is the epitome of niche perfumery and perfectly balances chaos and calm. This is more than art. This is a spiritual expression of complex thoughts and emotions. Best suited for darker, brooding, strong, mature and masculine personalities.


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