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Inspired By : Amouage Epic Man

Epiq Oud is an ambery and woody fragrance for men. This fragrance represents
luxury, where dark and dense meets light and fresh aromas. A perfectly well blended
signature scent for a classy man. The scent opens with a touch of spiciness from pink
pepper, musty olibanum, powdery nutmeg, rich saffron, beautiful oriental notes from
cardamom, caraway, mace and a fresh white floral note from myrtle. The heart notes
consist of woody oriental myrrh and a lemony floral touch from geranium. The base
notes end this charming essence with deep, dark agarwood, incense, leather, an
animalic scent from castoreum, earthy patchouli, dry cedar, powdery sandalwood,
sweet balsamic styrax and lastly the magnificent aroma of sensual musk to end of this
empowering scent.


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