AMBER & LEATHER is a Leather fragrance for women and men. Upon the first spray, your olfactory senses are hit with sheets of new cut leather not saddle leather but the luxury handbag type. After a few minutes, the leather slowly dissipates to reveal the jasmine as it’s freshly plucked bundles and bouquets of the blooms were placed upon the leather on a sunny evening. Then the dry down of amber and patchouli mixed in with aforementioned jasmine. This is probably one of the most comforting dry-downs, it’s warm and sensual with floral and slightly fruity nuances that make you want to inhale deeply for a second time. It’s like being a child at elbow height holding hands with your granny while going shopping, she has her luxury leather handbag on her arm and all you can smell is her warm comforting perfume and handbag swinging by the side of your face.


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