MOTALA PERFUMES  are in the business of matching original fragrances as well as creating our own brands and scents by analyzing our customers and clients’ requirements in detail. This intricate craft requires the utmost patience and dedication to ensure we deliver quality at the highest standard. From sourcing the finest raw materials for our thorough production system, to designing unique and affordable packaging, read about our whole process here.

MOTALA PERFUMES are in the business of matching original fragrances as well as creating our own brands and scents. We analyse our customers and clients requirements according to their specifications by having one on one discussions, which takes time and patience. Creating and developing a new fragrance or scent requires utmost patience and dedication, to ensure we deliver quality at the highest standard.

The minimum preconditions of producing a new fragrance takes up to five samples and testing of pure non concentrated oils that amounts close to thousands of rands and a period of four to six weeks to prepare. The art of perfecting perfumery advances with time, as we have to take the main factors of catering into consideration for the African climate in terms of producing and developing fragrances with powerful longevity as well as strong projection. Our consumers demand long lasting fragrances with loud sillage as compared to European fragrances, where it caters for consumers residing in a cooler environment.

When creating a new fragrance, whether it be a remake of the original or an in-house scent, an important factor to consider is fragrance note combinations to produce a unique essence that is in high demand, or that is guaranteed to satisfy our consumers olfactory senses. Categories in perfumery that are mandatory to list when designing a new fragrance, that consumers search for are fresh, woody, floral, fruity, citrus, clean and oriental notes. This is when top, middle and base notes enter the equation.

Is the scent smelt instantly after the fragrance is applied, which usually consists of fresh citrusy notes such as bergamot or lemon, or fruity and floral notes. The initial notes evaporate or simmer down in a short period of time, yet is the first impression the consumer utilizers when purchasing a perfume.

Appear after the top notes have settled. The middle notes are the heart of the fragrance, these notes last much longer as it has an impact on the base notes to follow. The heart of the fragrance generally are floral, fruity, gourmand and softer woodsy notes, that are pleasing and the most notable essence a consumer will smell.

Are the last notes of the fragrance that blend with the remaining top notes and prominent middle notes to produce the full scent of the fragrance. The base notes correspond with the dry down phase which is generally the longest lasting period of a fragrance. These notes consist of vanilla, spices, musk, heavy woody scents, amber and notes that are much stronger as this is the final lasting impression of a fragrance.

Dry down is a process that occurs when the fragrance oils mix with the wearer’s natural oils, and in turn this establishes how and why a fragrance smells a certain way on an individual and not another. The dry down is generally the phase that is going to last the longest.

These notes in a fragrance are to help guide your olfactory senses. By testing different fragrances we learn how to identify the notes or ingredients used, as well as placing a fragrance into categories. Observing the fragrance notes closely is significant and helps us identify which note combinations blend well together. Tailor made scents that cannot be found anywhere else attract customers and lures them in over and over again.

Fragrance Longevity makes reference to how long a fragrance is going to last on your skin or clothing. There are different concentration levels in fragrances such as Eau de toilette and Eau de parfum which does not give reference to how long a fragrance is going to last. However projection of a fragrance refers to the sillage and how a fragrance has spread around the person wearing the scent.

MOTALA PERFUMES have established an expertise in perfume making, we are able to match any designer and brand name fragrances from Tom Ford to Pierre Montale and the list goes on. With our very own in house perfumer, we are constantly delivering high quality products for our established clients and new customers. As a perfume manufacturing company who are involved in retail and wholesale, we are continuously focused on providing new products as well as improving our existing products as per our customer requirements, which we highly value, as customer satisfaction and providing outstanding service is our top priority. Our team prides ourselves in conveying an understanding between us, our customers and clients, by having sit downs to further comprehend their needs in this industry. Perfumery works hand in hand with the fashion industry, it is a never ending opportunity to create timeless fragrances and scents to last a lifetime. Perfumery has become an integral part of fashion.

At MOTALA PERFUMES we are also in the business of helping you create your own brand of fragrances. With the help of our expert team we will bring your vision and brand to life! Our private labelling service is done for big and small companies, entrepreneurs, fashion designers and brands, cosmetic stores and celebrities. The possibilities are endless when designing your own scent!

Here at MOTALA PERFUMES, production is the most important procedure in processing and manufacturing our products. Firstly, we use the highest quality raw ingredients that have already been extracted into pure essential oils. The second step is the mixing of these ingredients in a controlled environment to heed the safety and precaution regulations. The third step is to ensure each mixture goes according to a specific formula that has been created by the Nose of our company, which has taken upto years to perfect.

With each range we have to take into account the formulation which establishes the fragrance concentration and in turn determines the price. Our final step is quality control which is a key detail in our manufacturing process, to ensure our fragrances meet international standards.

Over the years we have built a partnership with factories around the world who produce perfume glass bottles, caps and atomisers, to achieve the best quality and prices. The biggest challenge we face when it comes to packaging is manufacturing cost of finished product and packaging plays a huge role in the final price. Over the years Motala Perfumes have built a team of highly skilled graphic designers dedicated towards packaging. We have partnered up with local and international printing and packaging industries over the years to achieve the most innovative packaging at affordability. This department works nonstop for our private label client and inhouse products.

We have mastered the art of sourcing the finest quality raw materials from around the world according to IFRA standard in order to achieve the finest quality finished product for the African climate, which has played a huge role in our fragrance creation by achieving longevity and projection in each and every creation. The R&D in raw materials have been our core focus department from the very first day and it is an ongoing exercise on a daily basis to evolve and excel in perfumery.

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